Some Of The Many Home Care Topics That Are Available In The Future

The topics that Home Care Professionals will be most interested in for the next decade and beyond are those which forecast the challenges that will arise due to the aging of the population, as well as the economic downturn. These topics include long term care, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease. It should be noted that the subject of Home Care is currently the fastest growing segment of the overall health care industry, outdoing many of its competitors in cost and service delivery. It should be no surprise then that Home Care topics for the next ten years include new advances in technology, dealing with issues such as caregiver stress, as well as those dealing with the increasing complexity of our aging population.

The need for Home Care services is growing as our baby-boomer generation ages and the need for services increases along with their retirement age. The trends which follow from the baby boomer generation are the increased utilization of non-medical home care, with the corresponding decrease in the percentage of people requiring nursing home care. Other home care topics include the integration of technologies with non-medical caregiving, such as the introduction of electronic patient records and the implementation of patient navigation software.

As Home Care becomes more complex, it is important that the Home Care provider has the necessary training and skills to do the job correctly. This means that the Home Care Professional needs to possess a certificate or diploma in Home Health Care and a Master’s Degree in Social Work or Social Service. The Home Care Professionals that do not have these two degrees cannot practice in the United States under the law. Therefore, the Home Care Industry is regulated by State Boards and Tribunals and is becoming much more specialized as the years go by.

Two of the upcoming Home Care topics which have the potential to be very hot trends in the coming years are vitals and non-vitals. One example of a home care topic that will be up for debate in the next five years is the Home Vascular Registry. Currently, there are only eleven states in the United States that require hospitals to submit a comprehensive health information report called a Vitals Report to the state Board of Nursing. According to the Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the vitals report will first focus on the diseases that were recorded within the patient’s vital signs. The next section will then list all the procedures and surgeries that were performed during the patient’s stay at the hospital.

ingesting | care | nursing home facilities | home care} 20 Upcoming Home Care topics that are predicted to gain significant attention in the next five years include the Home Nursing Industry Review and the Home Care Convalescent Donation. The Home Nursing Industry Review will review the current regulations and guidelines that govern home health care agencies. The Home Nursing Industry Review will discuss how to streamline the Home Nursing process and make the services more convenient for seniors. Finally, the Home Care Convalescent Donation will pertain to how the process works when planning to transfer the patient’s medical equipment to the new care facility.

Other upcoming Home Care topics include the Home Loan Modification and the Future of Assisted Living. These Home Care topics are expected to be included in the HUD’s Next Generation of Consumer Guidance and will be released in phases over three years. According to the Office of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Home Loan Modification will allow borrowers more affordable mortgage payments and will help prevent foreclosure. The Future of Assisted Living will pertain to how the public and private sectors can work together to create more community based services for older adults. Both of these topics are expected to be approved during the 2021 Federal budget.

There are many other Home Care topics that are considered future or emerging trends. According to the Office of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), researchers are looking into the potential effects of legalized marijuana on the home health care industry and the role that herbal medicines can play in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Another upcoming topic is the implementation of the Office of Vocational and Rehabilitative Research, which includes examining the role that vocational schools can play in assisting those with substance abuse issues. One final Home Care topic is the adoption process, which is expected to become a more streamlined process by the end of the 2020s. As more state and the federal governments consider various measures to improve the home care system, the Home Loan Modification and the Homebuyer Tax Credit could become more prevalent.

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